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Metal Artifacts of Antiquity


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Metal Artifacts of Antiquity by B. Read
Soft back, 137 pages, Illustrated B&W, 21cm x29.5cm

This is a well researched and illustrated title from the author of History beneath our feet, Brian Read. This is a catalogue of small finds from specific areas of the United Kingdom.

The book covers such items as:

Mounts, Pendant suspension mounts and pendants, Strap distributors, Terrets, Spurs & Spur fittings, Horses' bit, Keys & locks, Seal boxes, Seal matrices, Daggers & Knives & their fittings, Sword fittings, Spear tools, Spoons, Brooches, Weights & weighing apparatus, Candleholders, Lamp suspenders & lanterns, Purse bars & pendant frames and Lead tokens.


  • Iron Age or Roman period mounts
  • Anglo Saxon mounts
  • Anglo Saxon stirrup strap mounts
  • Medieval mounts
  • Post medieval mounts
  • Medieval Pendant suspension mounts
  • Roman period pendants
  • Medieval pendants
  • A post medieval pendant
  • A possible Iron Age strap distributor
  • Medieval strap distributors
  • Medieval swivel distributors
  • Iron Age terrets
  • Roman period targets
  • A Roman prick spur
  • An Anglo Saxon prick spur
  • Medieval prick spur
  • A post medieval prick spur
  • Post Medieval rowel spurs and fittings
  • Medieval or post medieval spur rowels
  • A post medieval horses bit
  • Roman period finger-ring keys
  • Roman period large keys
  • A possible Anglo Scandinavian key
  • Medieval large keys
  • Medieval casket keys
  • Post-medieval casket keys
  • Medieval cylindrical spring strip padlocks
  • Roman period lock pins
  • Roman period seal boxes
  • Medieval seal matrices
  • Post-medieval seal matrices
  • A Bronze Age dagger
  • A possible Bronze Age dagger pommel
  • Medieval dagger guards
  • Post-medieval dagger pommels
  • A Bronze Age socketed knife
  • A Roman period possible knife pommel
  • A Roman period knife handle
  • A Roman period folding knife handle
  • Post-medieval knife handles
  • A medieval scale from a scale-tang knife
  • Post-medieval terminals from scale-tang knives
  • Medieval hilt plates from white-tang knives
  • Medieval shoulder bolsters from whittle-tang knives
  • Post medieval knife end-stops
  • A Roman period knife end stop
  • Post-medieval possible knife end stops
  • An Anglo-Scandinavian sword pommel
  • Medieval or post-medieval sword or dagger chapes
  • A Bronze Age socketed spear
  • A Bronze Age knobbed sickle
  • A Bronze Age socketed gouge
  • A Bronze Age tanged chisel
  • Possible Bronze Age awls
  • A Bronze Age looped razor
  • A Roman period razor
  • Roman period spoons
  • Medieval spoons
  • Post-medieval spoons
  • Iron Age brooches
  • Roman period brooches
  • Sub Roman brooches
  • Anglo Saxon brooches
  • Anglo Scandinavian brooches
  • Medieval brooches
  • Roman period weights
  • Possible Anglo Saxon weights
  • Medieval weights
  • Post-medieval weights
  • Possible weights
  • A Roman period steelyard fitting
  • A medieval tumbrel
  • Medieval candleholders
  • Medieval possible lamp suspenders and lanterns
  • Medieval or post-medieval lead tokens

Product Code: Z27MAA

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