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13. Foreshores & Estuaries for Ancient & Hammered

Category: Beach and Underwater

Regton Shoebox Library no.13. Foreshores & Estuaries for Ancient & Hammered. Soft back, 48 pages, Illustrated B&W.

How to increase your success ratio down by the riverside - this has always been one of Ted's pet subjects.

On the back cover:

Where might a ploughed field enthusiast productively go in late-Spring and most of Summer when his/her best sites lie beneath a clothing of crops? The obvious answer to that perennial question is "to the coast or to a tidal riverside"; but it's an answer that often evokes a groan of disappointment from detectorists who want their finds to be old and interesting rather than modern and worth their weight in nine or (occasionally) eighteen carat gold. With a few notable exceptions such as the Thames estuary, sites lapped by tidal waters have been associated in most minds with modern cash and rich assortment of 20th century trinkets and jewellery... UNTIL NOW! The contents of this booklet will drastically alter those associations. Readers will learn how to locate coastal and foreshore sites that hold losses from Georgian, Tudor, Norman and even earlier centuries. Better still, readers will soon discover that the research methods used to pinpoint the sites covered in the text can be applied to other coasts and estuaries in Britain, in Europe; indeed wherever economic imperatives and social necessities have driven people to use waterside locations as meeting places, markets, workplaces, links in transportation chains and - most important for our concerns - as sites on which to lose or throw away possessions now regarded as old and interesting by outdoor historians. A coin and artefact bonanza awaits.


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