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An A-Z of 1001 Field Names

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An A-Z of 1001 Field Names And Their Interpretation (Etymologically Referenced) by Peter G. Spackman

Soft Back, 345 pages, B&W.

On the back cover:

Fields play an essential part not only in rural and national economies but also as a source of historical information. This is made available through the study of field names.

This fascinating study explores the roots of these names, many of which contain hidden meanings and individual input referring to ambiguous long-lost practices involving myths, legends, and customs.

This book offers a new and exciting format, encompassing a uniformity of presentation coupled with something that has been lacking in the past - continuity in the provision of references.

The author has drawn on a wide range of literature including sources covering: archaeology, biology, entomology, etymology, genealogy, geology, history, mathematics, mineralogy, mythology, sociology, technology, and flora and fauna, to name but a few subjects.

As well as a guide to field name interpretation this book will act as a catalyst joining collectors of field names to a revolutionary methodological technique enabling the formation of a much needed collection of referenced material.

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