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Ancient Coin Collecting II

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Ancient Coin Collecting II, The Numismatic Art of the Greek World by Wayne G. Sayles
Hard back, 198 pages, illustrated B&W, 16cm x 23.5cm


Numismatic art of the Greek world Whether or not you have a background in Greek culture, quickly read about and understand Ancient Greek coins. You'll appreciate the useful abbreviations, the concise glossary, the clear pronunciation guide, the comprehensive bibliography and the expanded guide to attribution.

  • Voices from the past
  • The origin and use of coinage in the west
  • Production and control
  • The world of the Greeks
  • Artistry of the Celator
  • The periods of Greek art
  • Masterpieces of Greek art

On the back cover:

Discover a hobby rich in artistic beauty. Relive the power of one of history's greatest civilisations. Stand face to face with the ancient Greeks as you study their coins. Ancient coin collecting , volume II: Numismatic art of the Greek world, the second in a series of six indispensable reference guides unearths provocative insights, common sense advice, historical backgrounds and the all important answers to many of your basic questions about Greek coins in just one book!
Author Wayne G Sayles assures collecting success as he unravels the mysteries of modern day collecting.
  • How is the market affected by coin designs?
  • What makes a £5.00 worth £500?
You'll find fast answers to these questions and your own when you turn to Ancient coin collecting Volume 2. It's straightforward, easy to use and completely unique in its approach to Greek coins as a work of art.
Knowing what to buy - and when to buy it - is your golden key to success. Now open the door wih Ancient coin collecting , volume II: Numismatic art of the Greek world.
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