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Ancient Coin Collecting VI (Non Classical Cultures)

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Ancient Coin Collecting VI (Non Classical Cultures)

Hard back, 198 pages, illustrated B&W, 16cm x 23.5cm

Non-Classical Cultures

Journey to the lands of mystery on the fringe of classical culture. Explore the Dark Ages and find peals of enlightenment. Witness the rise and fall of great dynasties and identify with confidence the treasures of the past. For the intrepid arm-chair explorer, the adventure is just beginning.

  • The Celts
  • The Wanderers
  • The Armenians
  • The Persians
  • The Parthians
  • The Sakaraukae
  • The Sasanians
  • Early Central Asian Kingdoms
  • The Huns
  • China
  • Indo-Scythians
  • Indo-Parthians
  • India
  • Persis
  • Elymais
  • Characene
  • Judaean coins
  • Arabian peninsula
  • Islamic dynasties
  • Mongols in Persia and Asia Minor
  • Axumites
  • Pharaonic Egypt
  • Masterpieces of non-classical coinage

On the back cover:

As important as the Greek and Roman cultures were in forming the basis for modern society, we are just as fascinated by the mysterious and romantic non classical players on the stage of history. Darius of Persia, Boudicca, warrior queen of the Iceni, Charlemagne, Saladin and countless others left their mark, and their coinage survives as a living testament to their greatness.

Collecting coins from these cultures is a field rich with rewards, and this final volume in the Ancient Coin Collecting series is your guide-book to exploration and success. Spanning 1,500 years of numismatic history, this user friendly guide sheds new light on coinage that has mistakenly been thought of as too complex. Find out for yourself just how understandable and collectable this coinage can be.

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