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Architecture in Roman Britain by Guy de la Bedoyere

Category: Celtic and Roman

Architecture in Roman Britain by Guy de la Bedoyere
Soft back, 72 pages, Illustrated B&W, 15cm x 21cm


A very popular archaeology writer shows you around Roman building, buildings and styles in Britain.

Architecture in Roman Britain contents:

  • The coming of architecture
  • Techniques & materials
  • Military defences
  • Military buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Temples, shrines & tombs
  • Houses & villas
  • Bridges, waterworks & lighthouses
  • Further reading
  • Museums & sites


The Roman period was Britain's first great architectural age, though this is sometimes difficult to appreciate from the ruinous state of the sites that survive. Understanding the types and range of buildings that existed in Roman Britain depends on careful excavation of foundations and wall footings, together with fragments of windows, roofs and carved architectural decoration discovered among the debris. When this evidence is taken together with examples of better-preserved buildings that still exist in Europe, the Near East and North Africa, it is possible to recreate something of the architecture of Roman Britain. This book looks at how in a few years Britain witnessed the design and erection of an astonishing range of buildings, from mundane and functional houses through to exotic temples and ambitious civil engineering projects. Some of Britain's Roman architects turn out to have been innovators. Reconstruction drawings and paintings by the author bring these vanished buildings back to life and recreate a lost world of forts, basilicas, theatres, baths, arches, classical temples, villas and lighthouses.
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