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British Campaign Medals 1815-1914

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British Campaign Medals 1815-1914 By Peter Duckers. Soft back, 40 pages, Illustrated Colour, 15cm X 21cm.

The idea of giving medals to soldiers goes back hundreds of years. In Britain the first recorded medals were given for the Armada campaign of 1588. This book gives a great outline of medals issued to British soldiers and sailors in campaigns fought all over the world.


  • Introduction
  • Collecting campaign medals
  • Basic terms
  • The Medals
  • Following up.

On the back cover:

This book outlines the medals issued to British soldiers and sailors for military service across the globe. At a time of imperial expansion, British forces were almost constantly in action - against major powers (like Russia in 1854), in wars of conquest (as in West Africa in the 1880s), or in expeditions on the fringes of Empire, such as the North-West frontier, southern Africa or Burma. Their campaign medals have become a popular field for collectors since, apart from the artistic merit of some awards, most British medals were officially named, making it possible to research the military career of an individual. Collectors feel that they can hold in their hand a real link with the people and events of the past and with famous incidents in Britain's military history. Peter Duckers has been a collector of British campaign and gallantry medals for many years and now specialises in awards to the Indian army. He has written numerous magazine and journal articles about medals and collecting and is a member of the Orders and Medals Research Society. He is a curator of the Shropshire Regimental Museum in Shrewsbury Castle.

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