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Collecting for Free

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Collecting for Free by E. Fletcher

Soft back, 86 pages, Illustrated B&W/Colour, 14.5cm x 20.5cm

This book will help you start your collection and point you in the right direction as well as finding valuable items close to home. Share in the many ideas and techniqes of this hands on collector.


    • Collecting at home
    • Collecting in your neighbourhood
    • Collecting in the local countryside
    • Collecting on beaches and riversides
    • Collecting on hill moor and mountain
    • Swap, buy and sell
    • Some sensible safety and equipment considerations.

On the back cover:

Here's an invitation from Edward 'Ted' Fletcher to get up, get out and discover what valuables can be found by using 'eyes only' or for the more adventurous with the aid of a metal detector and other recovery equipment. Discover lost, discarded and undiscovered things from your own house, garden, garden shed and further afield<br>Be it a coin, old bottle, semi precious gem or a specimen of raw gold, Ted Fletcher reveals how to turn a pastime into an extremely productive venture.

    • How collectors items can be acquired for free!
    • Most of the research work is revealed within the pages of this book
    • Where to look for hidden treasures
    • Locating items during back garden searches
    • Items discarded years ago which are now worth real money
    • Collecting in the coutryside, beaches and riversides
    • Collecting for free on hill moor and mountain
    • Safety aspects and equipment considerations
    • Where to trade your duplicates.
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