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Collecting Seals, guide by Bryon Pateman

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Collecting Seals, an illustrated guide by Bryon Pateman
Soft back, 188 pages, Illustrated B&W, 23.5cm x 15.5cm

An in depth guide which has been researched to the last detail. From the history of seals, to heraldry and evolutionary timescale. With over 350 detailed line drawings this book is a must for any collector.

  • Chronology history - Cylinder, Far East, China, Egypt
  • Documents - Parchment, Wax, Ink
  • Heraldry - Knights, Armour, Ladies, Coats of Arms
  • Shields
  • Seal Patterns
  • Medieval - Royal and Official, Privy Seals, Counterseals, Merchants, Admiralty
  • Religious - Monastic
  • Personal and Private
  • The Matrix - Draughtsmen, Chessmen
  • Lettering characteristics - Ligatures, Legend
  • Deciphering - Known seal legends
  • Seals of antiquity
  • Illustrated matrices - Cruciform matrices
  • Signet rings - Thumb rings, dating guide
  • Cameo
  • Fob seals
  • Papal bullae
  • Wool seals
  • Agricultural
  • Roman seal boxes
  • Pipe tampers
  • Desk seals
  • Sealed wine bottles
  • Knop spoons
  • Corkscrews
  • Steel seal presses
  • Cleaning
  • Preservation
  • Notable engravers
  • Bibliography
  • Evolutionary timescale


On the back cover:

Collecting Seals - An illustrated guide to dating.

Over 350 line drawings

The only fully illustrated guide and reference to the dating of seal matrices from the Medieval, Tudor, Georgian and Victorian periods. Fob seals, Seal boxes, Signet rings, Desk seals, Seal presses etc.

A must for the collector

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