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DFX Gold Methods

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DFX Gold Methods. Finding Gold Jewelry with the White's Spectrum DFX "E" Series Metal Detector by Clive James Clynick.
Soft back, 76 pages, Illustrated B&W, 13.5cm x 21.5cm


This new book may be the best ever written on metal detecting for gold jewellery. The book concentrates on the use of the White's DFX but the techniques and information are of interest to any person using a metal detector to look for gold jewellery. Some of the best information concerns site reading, which is how to examine a site to determine where the best odds are for finding jewelry. Numerous strategies for reducing the amount of junk recovered while searching for gold are covered in detail. Beach and water hunting are covered but most of this book focuses on the playgrounds and sports fields accessible to people anywhere.

DFX Gold Methods contents:
  • Where Gold is
  • Some general site factors: "Activity plus numbers
  • Specific site factors
  • Where Gold isn't, the learning process
  • Gold sites
  • Understanding your sites
  • Dig!
  • Become a hill specialist
  • Trash tolerance
  • Sampling your sites
  • Observation
  • Some DFX gold hunting ideas
  • DFX gold methods
  • Tabs & other junk
  • Understanding VDI responses
  • Bench testing
  • Using low VDI sensitivity to ID tabs
  • Some other ways to recognoze tabs
  • Recognizing trash
  • Foils
  • VDI responses and coil control
  • Notch skills
  • Creating custom DFX ring programmes for your conditions
  • Most common jewellery items found
  • Tailoring your methods to site conditions
  • Some DFX features for more effective gold hunting
  • Versatility
  • Tuning for gold
  • Beach & Shoreline hunting
  • DFX beach methods
  • Developing and using high power programmes
  • Getting more depth in sand
  • Reverse hunting: using the DC for more depth
  • Over / Under tuning
  • Small coil methods
  • Bounty hunting with the DFX
  • Onlookers
  • Conclusion
  • DFX Sand programme
  • 15 Khz Gold programme
  • Ethics


On the back cover:

Clive James Clynick is the author of two previous treasure hunting books and numerous articles. This book is the result of several years of research and detector field-testing. In it, Mr. Clynick draws upon his twenty five years of metal detecting experience to create this unique guide to finding gold jewellery with the White's DFX metal detector. The author shares his proven methods for:

Choosing gold hunting sites
"Reading" and observing within sites
Developing a practical understanding of the DFX
Recognizing trash targets, particularly aluminium
Creating your own custom ring programme based upon your specific site conditions
Improving your gold count this treasure hunting season
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