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Discovering Archaeology in England & Wales

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Discovering Archaeology in England & Wales by J. Dyer. Soft back, 128 pages, Illustrated B&W, 11cm x 17.5cm.

A concise introduction to archaeology as applied to Britain south of the 'Wall'. There are lots of benefits to be derived from understanding what archaeology is about.


  • What is archaeology?
  • How the archaeologist works;
  • Discovery and investigation;
  • Interpreting the site;
  • Reconstructing the environment;
  • Preservation;
  • Man in Britain;
  • Lower and middle palaeolithic;
  • Upper palaeolithic;
  • Mesolithic Britain;
  • The neolithic period;
  • The passage-grave builders;
  • The beaker users;
  • The bronze age;
  • The pre-Roman iron age: early phase;
  • The pre-Roman iron age: middle phase;
  • The pre-Roman iron age: late phase;
  • The Roman occupation;
  • Post-Roman Britain;
  • Taking part;
  • Further reading.


On the back cover:

This book outlines the history of man in England and Wales from earliest times to the Norman conquest and explains the basic terminology of archaeology, the methods used by archaeologists and the ways in which one can take part in excavations. Since the first edition was published in 1969 there have been many new discoveries and interpretations. This sixth edition has been extensively rewritten and contains many new illustrations. Archaeology is a fast growing pastime, an ideal hobby for anyon inclined to go out into the countryside and use their eyes. For many, visiting the tombs and hillforts of prehistoric times, the villas of the Romans and the churches of the Saxonsbrings history to life and brings one face to face with the past.

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