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Discovering Edged Weapons

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Discovering Edged Weapons by J. Wilkinson Latham. Soft back, 64 pages, Illustrated B&W, 11.5cm x 17.5cm.

The development of cutting, thrusting and slashing weapons in all their forms. From The Stone Age through to identifying edged weapons, this book will give you an insight into a fascinating subject.


  • Early History;
  • Norman Britain and the Middle Ages;
  • The 16th & 17th Centuries;
  • The era of regulation military weapons;
  • Presentation swords;
  • Oriental and native weapons;
  • Collecting edged weapons;
  • The identification of edged weapons.


From the back cover:

This book traces the development of cutting, thrusting and slashing weapons in all their forms - swords, knives, daggers, arrows, spears, axes, halberds and pikes - from the primitive flints of the Stone Age, through the ancient and medieval periods, to the ornate duelling weapons of the eighteenth century and the elaborate presentation swords of the twentieth century. Also included are sections on the weapons of Japan, and of countries where edged weapons have only more recently given way to the gun. Prominence is given to those weapons that are most likely to be encountered in antique shops or even in the attic, and each section is packed with illustrations and photographs. John Wilkinson-Latham was the director in charge of swords at Wilkinson Sword Ltd, and one of the fourth generation of his family to join the famous firm. An author and collector, he was one of the world's leading experts in sword making.

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