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Dowsing & Divining

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Dowsing & Divining by P. Naylor. Soft back, 40 pages, Illustrated B&W, 11cm x 17.5cm.

Either you believe in it - or you don't - but there is no harm in trying it. It does seem to work for some people. This book will get you started in the ancient skill of Dowsing and Divining.


  • How to begin dowsing
  • Other methods of dowsing
  • Some advanced techniques
  • Other methods of dowsing
  • If you are not successful
  • Other applications
  • Conclusion
  • Further reading


On the back cover:

The art of dowsing or divining - the tracing of underground water, minerals, pipes or cables - has fascinated people for centuries and today there is renewed interest in the subject. More and more people are reviving the art, and this book is intended to help the would-be dowser to enter into the mystery of dowsing. Those who have already been introduced to the subject may also find the explanation of techniques useful. The book sets out to prove that anyone can dowse, and it also dispels the commonly accepted myths that dowsing is a gift enjoyed by a few practitioners, that it is always associated with water and that hazel twigs are the only media. The author encourages the novice to enter into the art with 'light-hearted seriousness' and stresses that dowsing is an occupation to be enjoyed for the pleasure of exploring an ancient skill in the open air.

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