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Englands Striking History

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Englands Striking History
Soft back, 148 pages, Illustrated B&W, 15cm x 21cm.


England's Striking History, A brief history of England and its silver hammered coinage

In a light hearted and easy to read manner this book looks at the period between the late Anglo Saxon era & the English Civil war (circa 959 - 1663)

On the back cover:

Learn how to identify the denominations, kings and mintmarks of those fascinating little historical documents that are most likely to have stood the test of time - the coins!

It's not just the coins though. In a lighthearted and easy to read manner, this little book details the turbulent period of history between the late Anglo Saxon era and the English Civil war (circa 959 - 1663). Each monarch has a little biography including details of the major battles and other events that gave England its various Royal dynasties and helped shape the country.

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