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Finding Gold & Silver with Minelab Sov or Excalibur

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Finding Gold & Silver with Minelab Sov or Excalibur.

Soft back, 80 pages, Illustrated B&W, 14cm x 21.5cm

Finding Gold, Silver & coins with the Minelab Sovereign & Excalibur metal detectors is an informative & detailed book giving advice on searching for gold, silver & coins with the Minelab Sovereign & Excalibur range of metal detectors.


    • Introduction
    • What does BBS do
    • Models
    • Accessories
    • Hipmount pouch
    • In Ground probes
    • Meters
    • Some 180 scale meter pointers
    • Understanding the Sovereign's controls
    • Discriminate mode
    • The Discriminate / all metal switch
    • Notch control
    • All metal mode
    • The GT's all metal mode
    • Threshold control
    • Sensitivity control
    • False signals
    • Automatic sensitivity
    • Using the Sovereign in iron
    • Tuning methods
    • Sweep and coil control methods
    • Using the Sovereign in dense trash
    • "Silver only" mode
    • Identifying targets in dense iron
  • "Reverse Hunting" in parks
  • Coils
  • The Coiltek "WOT"
  • Using the "WOT" Sovereign combination
  • The Sovereign's audio responses
  • Bench testing the Sovereign
  • Bench testing the all metal mode
  • Bench testing the discriminate mode
  • The "poor mans Excalibur" Chestmounting the Sovereign for the water
  • Chestmounting with a meter
  • "Using the Depthmaster tm Gold rush system" with the Sovereign
  • The Excalibur - some tips
  • Accessories & modifications
  • Using waterproof connectors with the Excal
  • The Excal in salt water
  • Understanding the "signal to noise" problem
  • Making a detector sling
  • An equipment handling tip
  • Understanding sites
  • Conclusion
  • Resources
  • Ethics

On the back cover:

In this informative and detailed book the author shares his twenty five years of detecting experience with the reader.

Topics include:

    • Understanding broad band spectrum detectors
    • Using tone ID to recognize gold & silver
    • Using the Sovereign / Excalibur around iron
    • Using all metal mode for more depth
    • "Reverse hunting" with the Sovereign
    • Tuning tips and tricks for best performance
    • Using the Tornado 1000tm and WOT coils
    • Getting the most from a meter
    • Using and customizing signal boosters
    • Recognizing false signals
    • Shallow water hunting with the Sovereign
    • Much more
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