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Hillforts in England & Wales

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Hillforts in England & Wales

Soft back, 64 pages, Illustrated B&W, 15cm x 21cm

A guide to the defences of the ancient Britons both prior to and during the Roman occupation.


    • The defences
    • Entrances
    • Interiors
    • Function & situation
    • When, who & why?
    • Two typical hillforts
    • Some hillforts to visit
    • Select bibliography

On the back cover:


Amongst the most common of all British ancient monuments are those known rather misleadingly as hillforts. Whilst more than a thousand can be recognised in southern Britain, not all of them are on hill tops nor can they be identified as forts. The author considers these points in particular when he tries to assess the function and situation of hillforts, asking questions 'when were they built?' , 'by whom?' and 'why?'. The book considers the nature of the defences, the design of their entrances and thoughts on the internal design of these monuments, some of which are most spectacularly sited in many parts of western Britain. The book concludes with a brief examination of two typical hillforts excavated by the author.

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