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Medieval Catalogue Salisbury & Wiltshire Part 1

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Medieval Catalogue Salisbury & Wiltshire Part 1

Soft back, 190 pages, Illustrated B&W, 19cm x 24.5cm

The Salisbury Museum has one of the best medieval collections in Britain. This is it - with quality drawings and up-to-date research. Part 1: Harness pendants; seals; rings, spurs, arrowheads etc.

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    • Hugh Shortt by Peter Saunders
    • Harness Pendants by John Cherry
    • Seal Matrices by John Cherry
    • Rings by John Cherry
    • Steelyard weights by John Cherry
    • Textiles by Elisabeth Crowfoot
    • Spurs by Blanche M A Ellis
    • Arms & Armour by Alan Borg
    • Tiles by Elizabeth Eames
    • Coins by Christopher Blunt
    • Domestic Stonework by Norman Drinkwater

On the back cover:

Medieval objects from the city of Salisbury formed the nucleus of the collection upon which Salisbury museum was founded in 1860. The importance of the Medieval collection, now one of the finest in any provincial museum, has grown with the acquisition of many casual finds and the excavated material from nationally significant sites including Clarendon Palace, Old Sarum and Gomeldon deserted village.

This catalogue covers the arms & armour, coins, domestic stonework, harness pendants, rings, seal matrices, spurs, steelyard weights, textiles and tiles, each section written by national specialists.

Many objects are published for the first time. Over 450 illustrated.

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