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Medieval English Groats

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Medieval English Groats by I. Buck

Soft back, 66 pages, Illustrated Colour, 21cm x 29.5cm


A well-illustrated book in colour by a dedicated collector and specialist dealer in these large and attractive medieval hammered English coins.


    • Edward I - Edward III
    • Richard II - Henry V
    • Henry VI
    • Henry VI - Die sinkers errors
    • Edward IV - The first reign heavy coinage
    • Edward IV - First reign light coinage
    • Edward IV - Provincial mints
    • Edward IV - Second reign (1471-1483)
    • Edward V (9 April-26 June 1483)
    • Richard III (1483-1485)
    • Henry VII (1485-1509) The house of Tudor
    • Henry VIII (1509-1547)
    • Mules and Muling

From the introduction :


"This book is about the love of coins, particularly groats, and the points to watch out for if the reader wishes to build a substantial and interesting collection. If value is a prime consideration for the collector concerned, then there are more suitable priced catalogues available for this purpose".

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