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Modern Metal Detectors

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Modern Metal Detectors by C. Garrett. Soft back, 432 pages, Illustrated B&W/Colour, 14cm x 21.5cm.

A very thorough work on the 'start of the art' of metal detector manufacture and their uses today.


  • History and development of detectors;
  • Detectors and their features;
  • Computerised detectors;
  • Selecting a detector and accessories;
  • Using a detector.


On the back cover:

For almost a decade treasure hunters have relied on Modern Metal Detectors by Charles Garrett, the Grand Master of all treasure hunters. From how-to-buy to how-to-use it was recognised as "the complete, authoritative home, classroom and field guidebook" to successful metal detector operation. Fully revised, the guidebook now contains these additional sections on computerised detectors: History and development Detectors and their features Computerised functions and controls Selecting a detector and search coils Advanced operating and field use This totally new revision will be especially welcomed by countless hobbyists and professional treasure hunters who seek the latest information on using amazing new computerised detectors. This guidebook on the science and hobby of 21st-century treasure hunting is a must for anyone who operates any kind of metal detector.

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