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Real Gold in those golden years

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Real Gold in those golden years (retirement age). Soft back, 140 pages, Illustrated Colour, 14cm x 21.5cm.

Do you know anyone just retired or retiring and is looking for a new leisure activity? Here is a book specifically for them ... or could it be YOU!


  • Metal detecting - a grand and glorious hobby;
  • An ideal hobby - for those growing older;
  • Understanding detectors - easier than you think;
  • Choosing your detector - on you can afford;
  • Using a detector - It's easy to find treasure;
  • Where to hunt - plenty of good places;
  • Coin hunting - heart of the hobby;
  • Gold hunting - how to find the real thing;
  • Relics/Ghost towns - searching for the past ;
  • Cache hunting - dreaming of the big ones;
  • Detecting and children - grand kids will love it;
  • Health and safety - important at any age;
  • Law and the hobby - our code of ethics.


On the back cover:

The hobby of metal detecting will help you discover your own fountain of youth. Real gold might turn out to be a treasure found by your detector. Even more importantly, it could prove to be a genuine enrichment of your life made possible by this wonderful hobby. This book discusses frankly the problems of someone with "nothing to do". Variety, excitement, expectation, adventure...these are proposed as prescriptions for living a more satisfying and longer life. The hobby of metal detecting fulfills all of them. Yes, hunt actively with a metal detector and adventure will seek you out. It's easy to find treasure with a modern one-touch detector, and using it can change your life. It's a delightful hobby. Why, it may even pay for itself.

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