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Saints and Their Badges

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Saints and Their Badges Saints' Lives and Medieval Pilgrim Badges by Michael Lewis

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Pilgrim badges were bought by pilgrims visiting holy sites across Europe, partly as souvenirs, but also for the mystical properties these badges were believed to absorb when touched to holy relics. Such pilgrim trinkets are not common metal detected finds, but given their fragile nature it is quite possible many detectorists found them without realising it, perhaps even throwing them away! Many badges are unassuming little lead- or copper-alloy objects, but others have intricate designs, and can even be made of precious metal. This book offers an introduction to some of the more common badges, also giving further information on pilgrimage in the medieval period and the saints' lives these badges celebrate.

Dr Michael Lewis is Deputy Head of the portable Antiquities Scheme and Curator, Medieval Collections, British Museum. He is a fellow of the Society of Antiquities of London and member of the Institute for Archaeologists. He has a particular interest in the archaeology and history of the medieval period from about AD 1000.

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