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Site Reading for Gold & Silver

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Site Reading for Gold & Silver by Clive Clynick

Soft back, 84 pages, Illustrated B&W, 13.5cm x 21.5cm

This book is packed with tips and ideas which are aimed at improving your success rate with gold and silver on all types of detecting sites. The methods and tips will help the detectorist to become a more accurate and effective treasure hunter. The author, Clive James Clynick has been detecting since 1980. This book shares the experience he has gained over almost 30 years detecting.

The aim of this book is to take the randomness out of detecting and help to target sites more effectively.

On the Back Cover

These proven methods for choosing, assessing and examining treasure hunting locations will help you to become a more accurate and effective treasure hunter. Topics include:

    • "Site-reading" for gold
    • "Guesstimating" the potential of sites based upon key factors
    • Recognising "hotspots" within sites
    • Versatility and on-site problem solving
    • Assessing and working difficult or previously hunted sites
    • Understanding strata, "precipitate" and shore grades
    • Learning from what's in the ground
    • Building your skills kit
    • Assessing resort and beach sites from photographs
    • Working sites with dense trash or iron 
    • Using your time in the field effectively
    • Introduction
    • Equipment
    • Your Kit
    • Coils
    • Some Site Basics "sampling"
    • A function of the numbers
    • Activity: what goes on?
    • Dollars: Who goes there?
    • Start your engines
    • Skill building: Target information
    • Versatility: "matching the hatch"
    • Depth: Overcoming the 'signal to noise' problem
    • Accuracy and target separation
    • Iron
    • Reverse hunting
    • Detector stability
    • Signal Boosters
    • Physical site features (Brush, grades, roaming/sampling)
    • Working "The Box"
    • Horsepower
    • Coverage: finishing the job
    • Following through on your hunches
    • A basic site assessment
    • Making comparisons
    • Understanding Strata
    • Inland site strata
    • Shoreline strata
    • Understanding "precipitate"
    • Excretia
    • Strata, Precipitate & Excretia: Putting it all together
    • Site Reading in action, A trial run
    • Sports locations
    • Researching and choosing Resort sites
    • Site Reading for Gold
    • Constancy
    • Site logs
    • Keeping an inland site log
    • Keeping a shoreline site log
    • Mapping
    • Relic and colonial sites
    • Homesites
    • Research
    • Conclusion
    • Appendix: Reverse hunting chart
    • Related Reading
    • Resources
    • Maps online
    • Forums with research boards
    • Ethics
    • Other books by this author



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