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Successful Detecting Sites

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Successful Detecting Sites

Soft back, 232 pages, Illustrated Colour, 19cm x 25cm.

From David Villanueva, the author of Site Research, comes another great book for the metal detectorist.

Succesful Sites, according to most metal detectorists, are those with the potential to produce large quantities of quality coins and artefacts from all periods; Bronze Age to modern. Using rare 18th & 19th Century sources, David Villanueva has drawn on over 30 years experience in metal detecting and historical research to compile this exciting guide to thousands of potentially successful detecting sites throughout the United Kingdom, with histories stretching back hundreds or even thousands of years.

This is the only site guide you will ever need for the author of Site Research, explains clearly how to generate a host of successful detecting sites from every place in the guide, which will keep your finds bag overflowing for years to come. And to lead you to the sites, there is a wealth of valuable information included together with superb facsimilies of 90 highly detailed Victorian maps covering every UK county so you get a complete antique county atlas as well.


    • History of markets & fairs in Britain
    • The siting of markets & fairs
    • Finds from market & fair sites
    • Finds from the routes
    • Open air political meetings
    • The siting of meeting places
    • Finds from a hundred court site
    • Practical map reading
    • Finding the sites
    • County atlas and site guide for England & Wales
    • County atlas and site guide for Scotland
    • County atlas and site guide for Northern Ireland & offshore islands
    • Gaining search permission - The project approach
    • Bibliography and sources
    • Code of practice

About the author
David Villanueva, the author of Site Research was born in Birmingham in 1951 and bought his first detector in the early 70's. He later moved to Kent where he pursued his metal detecting bug as well as his keen interest in history. David found himself having to report a string of real treasures - caches of Iron Age gold coins and Roman, Saxon and medieval gold & silver jewellery. Seven of his finds have been recorded as "treasure " under the act between 1998-2004. This book and his earlier work, Site Research present his wealth of experience to help you locate better sites and find more treasure.

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