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Tokens & Tallies 1850 - 1950

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Tokens & Tallies 1850 - 1950 by E. Fletcher

Soft back, 114 pages, Illustrated Colour, 19cm x 25cm


The massive social changes that took place during 1850-1950 are reflected on the designs of the small pieces of brass, copper, lead, plastic or embossed card used in the manufacture of these intriguing items of paranumismatica, with issuers ranging from public houses to chapels and co-operative establishments. With over 700 photographs covering much of the range of rare and not-so-rare tokens available to the collector, this book is an invaluable source of information to both the beginner and experienced collector alike.

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  • Introduction
  • Makers identified
  • Advertising – Local, Regional & National Advertising
  • Regal Images on Tokens
  • Advertising Calendars
  • Agricultural Tokens, Tallies & Tickets
  • Co-Op Checks: Dividend, Mutuality & Prepayment
  • Bonus Checks & Other Rivals to Co-Op Dividend Checks
  • Savings Club Checks & Other Methods of avoiding Debt
  • Pub Checks & Their further Complexities
  • Cocoa Tavern Tokens & Other Temperance pieces
  • Refreshment Checks, Theatre Tickets & Similar pieces from the World of Entertainment
  • Canteen Tokens
  • Teaching aids & Toy Money
  • Market Trader’s Tallies into the 20th Century
  • Gaming & Amusement Machine Tokens
  • Newspaper Promotional Tickets
  • Public Transport: Tickets, Tokens & Passes
  • Checks, Tokens & Tallies in the Working-class World
  • Countermarked Pieces
  • Some Military & Wartime Tokens
  • Plastics in Paranumismatics
  • Taking things further
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