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Tokens & Tallies Through the Ages

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Tokens & Tallies Through the Ages by E. Fletcher

Soft back, 98 pages, Illustrated Colour, 19cm x 25cm.

In this book the terms token and tally mainly covers those metal objects for which there is some historical or archaeological evidence that they served either as substitutes for money in short supply, as a means of recording promised payments, possessions, work outputs or many other things which required records.

There is no universally accepted agreement on what is or is not a token, nor even a tally. The accompanying texts and illustrations serve as an introduction to each category. The recommended bibliographies should put readers on the road to expertise in all of these fascinating series.

See also:

    • Leaden Tokens & Tallies by Edward Fletcher
    • Tokens & Tallies 1850-1950 by Ted Fletcher
    • Introduction
    • Acknowledgements
    • Ancient Tallies & Tokens
    • Early English Tokens & Imitations
    • Medieval Jettons
    • Medieval Tokens
    • 17th Century Tokens
    • 18th Century Tokens
    • Communion Tokens
    • 19th Century base Metal & Silver Tokens
    • Unofficial Farthings & Other 19th Century Advertising Issues
    • Pub Checks
    • Work, Play & Games
    • Market Trader’s Tallies
    • Tokens & Tallies in 19th & early 20th Century Agriculture
    • Control in the Workplace
    • Terminology
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