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Treasure Hunting with Minelab Detectors. Volume 2 Coin Hunting

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  • Treasure Hunting with Minelab Detectors by Andy Sabisch.
  • Volume 2 - Successful Coin Hunting. Soft back, 90 pages, Illustrated B&W, 15.5cm x 23cm.

Where and how to find coins with Minelab detectors. Written before the Explorer was introduced.

On the back cover:

Recover your share of old coins, jewellery and artefacts with a metal detector and the information contained in this book. This book covers all aspects of this exciting form of treasure hunting including:

  • Selecting the right metal detector for your needs
  • How and where to search for valuables
  • Finding sites the competition tends to overlook
  • What accessories will help you find more and where to get them
  • Cleaning and preserving what you find
  • Keeping your equipment in top operating condition and much more.
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