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XLT Ring Enhancement Programmes A Practical Guide

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XLT Ring Enhancement Programmes A Practical Guide by C J Clynick. Soft back, 34 pages, Illustrated B&W, 14cm x 21.6cm.

This book focuses on how to find rings and other jewelry with the Spectrum XLT. Most of the book concentrates on the details of programming the XLT for better jewellery results. This information will only be of interest to Spectrum owners.


  • Site reading
  • Equipment
  • Headphones
  • Search-coils
  • Ring Enhancement settings
  • Basic adjustments
  • AC (motion) sensitivity
  • DC sensitivity
  • Spectrum options
  • Signal transmit / receive
  • Discriminate / edit
  • Discrimination settings
  • Notes on audio responses
  • Notes on visual target id
  • Field methods
  • Conclusion
  • Basic adjustments - Pro options
  • About the author


On the back cover:

With practice, Ring Enhancement Programmes, allow the hunter to get the most from the programmable audio discrimination features of the XLT, Spectrum and Eagle detectors, locating gold jewellery and other valuable targets in areas which would otherwise be impossible or unproductive to search. These high-trash or heavily worked areas can now be revisited using methods which let the detectorist recognize gold rings through the entire pulltab-screwcap range. For the novice, Ring Enhancement Programmes promote learning by bracketing target responses into distinct groups, while drawing attention to any unusual signals. This often results in interesting relic or curio finds. Drawing from the experience and encouragement of U.S Spectrum experts, Karl Chulick and Daryl J.R Townley. Mr. Clynick has produced a detailed and thoughtful guide to using these programmes in the field.

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