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You can find gold with a metal detector

Category: Gold Panning and Prospecting

You can find gold with a metal detector by Charles Garrett & Roy Lagal
Soft back, 140 pages, Illustrated Colour, 14cm x 21.5cm


The title says it all - it could be you!

On the back Cover:

You can find gold with a metal detector. It's easy....when you know how!

Just follow these three simple rules:

  • look in the right places, areas where gold has been found;
  • Search correctly, using a modern high quality detector;
  • Be patient and persistant.

Two veterans of metal detecting and prospecting share their lifetimes of secrets to prove that the right detector can produce more ounces of gold per dollar invested than any other type of equipment. And hunting for gold in God's great outdoors can be fun! Learn how to recover nuggets in stream beds, search for veins, seek nuggets in dredge/mine tailings and open up new vistas of excitement and profit.

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