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White's Coil Cover for Super Coil (12 inch)

White's Coil Cover for Super Coil (12 inch)


 12" Whites Super (300) open Coil Cover

For use with the Super Spider 12" coil - W12S300
(Slightly larget than the previous coil cover)

Coil covers are to protect the coil in operation and should remain on the coil during use. It is a good idea to use a coil cover on any metal detector as the wear and tear of using a detector can cause damage to the bottom of the coil. This coil cover will protect the bottom of the coil from scratches and marks which may reduce the second hand value of the detector. This new design will stop stubble and grass being caught in the web coil.

Remember: it is far cheaper to replace a coil cover than it is to replace a coil.

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