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Garrett Concentric PROformance Coil AT Models (9 x 12 inch)

Situable for Garrett AT Pro/AT Gold/AT Max

This coil is suitable for Garrett AT range.

Please note: coils are make, model specific, they will only fit the machines stated, they will not fit other models or makes.

An accessory coil is either used as a direct replacement ,if the same as the one fitted from new, or increases the versatility of your detector.

Accessory coils are used in same way we use most tools, for specific jobs. Most of the factory fitted coils on our detectors are designed for general purpose use (with some exceptions), and in the main are good for most sites, however there will be times when you will need to go larger or smaller depending on the job in hand.

A larger coil is normally used when we are looking for more depth and/or increased ground cover, for example on large fields, on pasture or on the beach. Larger coils will offer better depth capabilities in the right ground conditions and are ideal for covering more ground faster while searching for 'hot spots' in large fields.

A smaller coil is generally used in areas where there is a high level of iron contamination, such as a habitation site, in these situations, depth is not the overriding concern as the amount of iron present will limit the depth capabilities anyway, the smaller will more readily winkle out the good stuff from amongst the iron trash, where a larger coil will struggle to locate individual 'good' targets in between the iron. A smaller coil is also very useful in areas of limited access, such as undergrowth in woodland and rock pools on the beach, where it would be difficult to use a larger coil.



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Country of Manufacture
United States
Siutable for
Garrett AT Pro/AT Gold/AT Max
Coil Type
Coil Model
Coil Size (inch)
9 x 12
Coil Waterproof
Coil Cover Included
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