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White’s Surf PI Dual Field Metal Detector with battery, holder, headphones


White’s PI Dual Field Metal Detector with Alkaline battery holder, alkaline batteries, headphones, Black Ada metal sand scoop & White's carry bag

For those that prefer the sheer depth and sensitivity performance of a pulse detector for their beach work then the Surf PI Dual Field form White’s offers even better noise reduction on black sand and areas of heavy mineralisation.


The Surf PI Dual Field is fitted as standard with White’s excellent 12” spider coil, with its near neutral buoyancy allowing for much longer fatigue free detecting hours.


Although very much a switch on and go detector, the Surf PI Dual Field incorporates some of the most advanced features that can be found in today’s pulse detectors such as pulse delay for cancelling black sand noise, automatic ground rejection, adjustable gain control allowing you to optimise the detector for all beach conditions, while the quick target recovery means that you can locate good targets even amongst the trash.


The Dual Field PI is fitted with waterproof headphones and the whole detector is waterproof to a depth of 100 feet, ideal for diving as well as for detecting the sand and in the surf.




Adjustable Pulse Delay reduces black sand "noise" to help find more on beaches
Automatic Ground Rejection. A pulse Induction metal detector for exceptional depth on coins and jewellery, especially in salt water and mineralized ground.
Enhanced sensitivity to gold - the most sought-after beach targets (gold jewellery) respond at maximum depths.
Gain control adjusts for your particular beach conditions so you get every inch of PI depth and sensitivity. Because every beach is different, your Gain can match the beach.
Near-neutral loop buoyancy.
Completely waterproof to 100 feet
Quick Target Recovery so you hear good targets even mixed in with junk.
Power Supply: 8 "AA" penlight batteries for up to 25 hrs. of hunting.
Tuner Control adjusts the threshold tone and checks battery strength.
Headphones are waterproof and are hardwired into the unit, not removable.

Length 45" - 52" (Adjustable)

Weight 2.1 kg

Frequency  Pulse induction

Operation 8 x 1.5v AA Batteries

Warranty 1 Year



More Information
Country of Manufacture
United Kingdom
Operating Frequency (kHz)
Pulse induction
Coil Type
2D (DD)
Coil Model
Coil Size (inch)
Coil Waterproof
Stem, Control Box, Coil, Headphones
6.35mm Jack
Headphones Connection
6.35mm (1/4 inch) Jack
2 years
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