Garrett Easy Stow Headphones

Garrett Easy Stow Headphones

Garrett Easy Stow Headphones

The Garrett Easy Stow Clear Sound stereo headphones for metal detecting with a right angle jack plug and coiled cable are specialized headphones designed specifically for metal detecting enthusiasts. These headphones are optimized to enhance the audio signals produced by metal detectors, allowing users to detect better and locate buried metal objects.


  • Padded ear pieces
  • 41" (104.1 cm) coiled lead extends to 82" (208.3 cm)
  • ¼" plug

Featuring a right-angle jack plug, these headphones provide a secure and reliable connection to your metal detector. The angled design ensures that the plug remains firmly connected during metal detecting sessions, preventing accidental disconnections that could result in missed signals.

The coiled cable is a practical feature of these headphones, designed to provide flexibility and prevent tangling while metal detecting. The coiled design allows the cable to stretch and retract as needed, offering freedom of movement without getting in the way of your detecting activities. This feature also helps protect the cable from damage caused by snagging or pulling.

Regarding audio quality, the Garrett Easy Stow headphones deliver clear and precise sound reproduction. They are specifically engineered to amplify the faint signals metal detectors emit, enabling users to distinguish between different types of metals and accurately pinpoint their locations. The stereo capabilities provide a well-defined soundscape, allowing you to detect subtle changes in audio cues that can indicate the presence of buried treasures.

Comfort is essential for metal-detecting headphones, as users often wear them for long periods. The Garrett Easy Stow headphones feature an adjustable headband and padded ear cups to ensure a comfortable fit, even during extended detecting sessions. The lightweight design helps reduce fatigue and allows for easy portability.

Overall, the Garrett Easy Stow stereo headphones with a right-angle jack plug and coiled cable are a reliable and specialized accessory for enthusiasts. With their optimized audio performance, convenient design features, and comfortable fit, these headphones are a valuable tool for improving your metal detecting experience and increasing your chances of finding hidden treasures.

More Information
MPN 1612700
Brand Garrett
Connection 6.35mm Large Jack
Warranty 1 Year
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