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British Museum Guide to Anglo Saxon Antiquities 1923

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British Museum Guide to Anglo Saxon Antiquities 1923

Hard back, 78 pages, Illustrated B&W, 14.5cm x 22.5cm


A quality hardback reprint of the national museum's own guide to Anglo-Saxon antiquities. Some of the dating is way out but it is a good source of illustration and period artistic style.

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    • Map of Anglo-Saxon settlements
    • Introduction
    • Description of exhibits
    • Pottery
    • Evolution of brooches


On the back cover:


Essentially this is a catalogue of the Anglo-Saxon and foreign-related collections which were on display at the British Museum in 1923....The items are categorised by both function and cultural origin and, despite the passage of time, the guide still provides the reader with a well-illustrated and comprehensive catalogue of antiquities from Dark Age and early medieval Europe. Outside of specialist publications there have been few similar selections compiled since. The glossy exhibition catalogues of more recent years do show some of these items, but omit much more which is contained in this compact, but well illustrated volume.

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