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British Museum Guide to Early iron Age Antiquities 1925

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British Museum Guide to Early iron Age Antiquities 1925

Hardback, 174 pages, Illustrated part B&W / colour, 14.5cm x 22.5cm

A quality hardback reprint of the national museum's own guide to Celtic antiquities. Well illustrated, including interesting objects not to be found in any other reference.

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    • List of plates
    • List of illustrations
    • Divisions of early Iron Age
    • Description of foreign exhibits
    • Descriptions of British exhibits
    • Genealogical tables

On the back cover:

This is a catalogue of the Ancient British and foreign-related collections which were on display at the British museum in 1925 and represent the period from about 500 BC to well beyond the invasion of Britain by the legions under Claudius. The book is split into two almost equal parts: the first considers all the evidence from continental Europe with particular attention paid to La Tene and Hallstatt cultures; the second is devoted to the evolution of native British art and antiquities with much cross-referencing to their European counterparts. It is a compact and well-illustrated volume and is reproduced complete with its original four colour plates.

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