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Celtic & Roman Artefacts by Nigel Mills

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Celtic & Roman Artefacts by Nigel Mills
Soft back, 150 pages, Illustrated Colour, 21cm x 29.5cm


The best visual reference to British metal detector finds from this period with expert commentary from a leading writer and antiquities dealer and up-to-date valuations for two grades.

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Celtic & Roman Artefacts contents:

  • Notes for collectors
  • Bronze & Iron Ages
  • Fibula Brooches
  • Plate, crossbow & early Anglo-Saxon brooches
  • Buckles & military equipment
  • Locks, keys & knife handles
  • Spoons, cosmetic grinders, medical implements & seal boxes
  • Jewellery
  • Cube matrices, lead seals & gaming pieces
  • Pottery and bronze utensils
  • Steelyard weights & bronze mounts
  • Figurines & votive offerings
  • Allphabetical index for geneaological chart
  • Genealogical chart of Roman gods

On the back cover:

The period of Bronze Age, Iron Age, Celtic and Roman history covered by this book (2000BC - AD 500) is vividly brought to life in the 450 plus colour photographs contained within its pages. These cover a wide spectrum of everyday objects including: buckles, brooches, rings, knives, weights, figurines, mounts, votive items, spoons, cosmetic implements, gaming dice, pottery, pins and weapons, together with more unusual items such as enamelled terret rings and mounts from chariots.

Each item is described and illustrated in chronological sequence making the book an excellent reference work for collectors, dealers, museums and archaeologists.

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