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Discovering Hallmarks on Silver

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Discovering Hallmarks on Silver

Soft back, 72 pages, Illustrated B&W, 11.2cm x 17.7cm

This is a pocket guide to marks, makers and silver styles with tables of London and provincial date letters. Understanding the hallmarks on silver and learning to read them can give you the knowledge of the quality, date and place of assay of British silver hallmarks.


    • The developement of hallmarks
    • Domestic silver and church plate
    • Collecting silver
    • Fakes and alterations
    • Famous makers
    • A guide to silver styles
    • Sheffield plate
    • Tables of hallmarks:
    • London
    • Birmingham
    • Chester
    • Exeter
    • Newcastle
    • Sheffield
    • York

On the back cover:


The ninth edition of this best-selling book has been updated to include the hallmarks up to 2006. It combines details of hallmarks found on English silver with notes on some leading makers and useful advice for the collector, including a helpful chapter on fakes and alterations and a chapter on Sheffield plate. there are many photographs.


'For the complete beginner (this book) can be wholeheartedly recommended. The author...has crammed into a booklet that can easily be slipped into the pocket a text notable for its practical advice and most helpful illustrations. The latter include details of hallmarks which will make their interpretation clear to the amateur.'


Terence Mullaly, Daily Telegraph


John Bly worked for four years at Sotheby's before joining the family firm in Tring, one of the oldest established antique dealers in Britain. He has his own programme networked on ITV entitled Heirloom and is a regular contributor to BBC Television's 'Antiques Roadshow'.

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