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Metal Buttons 900 BC - AD 1700

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Metal Buttons 900 BC - AD 1700 by Brian Read. Soft back, 105 pages, Illustrated Colour, 17.5cm x 24cm.

This book details examples of metal buttons and button like objects dating between c.900 BC – c.AD 1700. They are analysed, explained and many have colour illustrations. Metal Buttons is ideal for the button collector, dress historian, metal detectorist, archaeologist or anyone with an interest in buttons seeking to date them.


  • Late Bronze Age buttons
  • Early Iron Age buttons
  • Late Iron Age and Roman period toggle fasteners
  • Roman period button-and-loop fasteners
  • Roman period buttons
  • Medieval buttons
  • Post-Medieval buttons
  • Post-Medieval cuff links
  • Addenda
  • Bibliography.


On the back cover:

Among everyday dress-accessories, buttons are probably the most ubiquitous. Apart from some of those made of metal, such buttons invariably date between the beginning of the 18th century and the present day. These buttons are well documented. Buttons antedating c.1700 were, until recent times, rare or at least scarce, and, indeed, some types remain so. Technology, dedication and hard work, however, is responsible for revealing a remarkable range of button-like objects and early metal-buttons, many of which are now available for study. Apart from one outstanding scholarly work, which deals with medieval metal types only, these buttons are not well documented. This book differs from most other publications, in that examples of metal button-like objects and buttons dating between c.900 BC - c.AD 1700 are subjected to a detailed manufacture analysis, each being described both textually and illustratively. Although not foolproof, this information is essential for the dress historian, button collector, archaeologist, museum curator, metal detectorist, dealer, or anyone with an interest, seeking to gauge the age of any particular button.

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