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Sunken Treasure: How to find it

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Sunken Treasure: How to find it by Robert Marx. Soft back, 400 pages, Illustrated Colour.

Sunken Treasure and How to Find It by Robert Marx An essential 'good value for money' book on the location of underwater treasure sites.

On the back cover:

Want to go after the big prizes? Want to find a sunken Spanish galleon.. a Confederate blockade runner... a pirate treasure ship? Famed international salvor Bob Marx tells how in this book. Detailed instructions are given for researching, locating, mapping and recovering the grand rewards of underwater treasure hunting. Remarkably frank about "giving away" a lifetimes Treasure Hunting secrets, Bob explains: "I'm not greedy... and there's enough treasure out there for everyone to find."


  • Spanish Galleons;
  • New world Treasure;
  • Manila Galleons;
  • Other nations ships;
  • Divers & salvors;
  • Modern salvors;
  • Archaeology;
  • Research;
  • Galleon research;
  • Locating shipwrecks;
  • Cannons & anchors;
  • Documenting a site;
  • Underwater excavation;
  • Identifying shipwrecks;
  • Cannons & weapons;
  • Cleaning & preserving;
  • Wreck diving policies;
  • What of the future?
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