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Treasure Hunting for Fun & Profit

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Treasure Hunting for Fun & Profit by C. Garrett. Hard back, 204 pages, Illustrated Colour, 15cm x 21.5cm.

Here is a good all-round book on how to get the best out of the hobby in every way.


  • What treasure hunting's all about;
  • Learning the basics;
  • How to find coins;
  • Looking for gold;
  • Searching the beaches;
  • Ghost towns and deserted structures;
  • Caches are the big prizes;
  • Children and seniors;
  • Research helps find treasure;
  • Where and when to hunt;
  • Clothing and equipment;
  • More on metal detectors health, safety and the law;
  • Glossary of terms and techniques.


On the back cover:

Treasure hunting is fun! And, it can be profitable. "A hobby that can pay for itself" is explained in layman's language. Healthy outdoor exercise and the sheer excitement and pleasure of finding treasure are but two of its many advantages. Veteran metal detector manufacturer and treasure hunter Charles Garrett draws from his lifetime of experience to cite numerous instances where different kinds of valuable objects have been found with metal detectors and to suggest where more treasure is waiting to be! Treasure Hunting for Fun and Profit explains how truly simple it is to find coins, jewellery, money caches, gold nuggets and countless other items of value with a modern electronic metal detector.

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