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XP Gmaxx 2 Metal Detector

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XP GMAXX 2 with 11" Coil

with Coil cover, hipmount bag/control box cover, corded phones.


NOW with new Deus 'Style' handle & stem design.



XP have developed the GMAXX2 along similar lines to the Goldmaxx Power, however the fundamental difference being that the GMAXX2 works at the lower frequency of 4.6 kHz as opposed to the 18 kHz operating frequency of the GMP.


The GMAXX2 functions rather like the GMP, so is ideal for those that want a Tone ID detector, but still want the attributes of a low frequency detector, but with increased sensitivity and recovery rate.


(The general rule of thumb has always been that low frequency detectors tend to offer greater depths on larger targets and give increased stability on mineralised ground, while higher frequency detectors tend to offer increased sensitivity and greater depth on smaller targets and have a faster recovery rate meaning that they can locate good targets closer to iron.. that was until XP pushed the boundaries of both technologies, managing to improve the capabilities of both, while still retaining their respective characteristics).


The GMAXX2 also has the same features as the GMP, such as the tone ID, iron tone volume control, frequency shift switch, ground Accept/reject control etc. It is also supported with a comprehensive range of accessory coils, making this a very versatile detector.


The GMAXX2 also has an onboard transmitter for use with XP’s cordless headphones, making them plug and play.




  • Improved sensitivity settings
  • New 9” Carbon fibre coil & cover
  • New versatile hip mount bag
  • 3 Part shaft with twin collar locking system
  • Microprocessor analysis of signals
  • Multi tone discrimination in ALL METAL mode
  • Volume control for low tone (iron volume)
  • All metal: Motion mode
  • Silencer switch: 3 positions to limit iron false signals
  • Ground exclusion: adjustable
  • Light and perfectly balanced
  • Tough polypropylene arm cup
  • Fibreglass lower stem
  • Battery life Alkaline: 50 hours

Length 44" - 53" (Adjustable)

Weight 1.53 kg

Frequency 4.6 kHz

Operation 8 x AA batteries

Warranty 2 Years




More Information
Country of Manufacture
Operating Frequency (kHz)
4.6 kHz
Coil Type
2D (DD)
Coil Model
Coil Size (inch)
Coil Waterproof
Stem, Control Box, Control Box Cover, Coil, Coil Cover, Headphones, Batteries, Charger
6.35mm Jack
Headphones Connection
6.35mm (1/4 inch) Jack
5 Years
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