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Viking VK40 Metal Detector


Viking VK40 metal detector with headphones and coil cover

The VK40 metal detector is the last in the Viking range of detectors and sports a host of features and refinements.


The VK 40 offers 3 user modes, the first is the discriminating motion mode, a silent search mode allowing the user to reject unwanted targets such as small iron. The second mode is the Non-Motion mode, ideal for detecting in tight spaces such as woodlands, but still giving a target ID through the meter. The last mode is an all metal non motion mode, in this mode, the detector doses not offer any target information or allow the user to reject targets, what it does offer is extra depth and sensitivity, especially to those smaller deeper targets that can sometimes be missed in the other modes.


The VK40 also offers the user a handy pinpoint button to help accurately locate targets, while the user can easily switch form inland use, to beach use at the press of a button.


All changes to the detectors settings and modes are made via the pushpads rather than rotary controls and all settings, levels, modes and target information are displayed on screen. All last settings are retained in the processors memory ready for when the detector is next used again.


The larger 10” coil offer more depth and ground coverage than the rest of the detectors in the Viking range, making this a very useful and versatile detector indeed. Ideal for detectorist of all levels either inland or on the beach.


Viking VK40 metal detector features

Viking VK40 metal detector specifications

  • Motion Detection
  • Non Motion Detection
  • All Metal/Non Motion mode
  • Beach Mode
  • Battery Check
  • Larger 10” search coil
  • Last settings memory
  • Concentric Coil
  • Pinpoint Pushbutton
  • Membrane Keypad Control
  • 16 segment, 2 level LCD Target ID

Length 45" - 51" (Adjustable)

Weight 1.34 kg

Operation 1 x 9v PP3 Battery

Warranty 2 Years



More Information
Country of Manufacture
Operating Frequency (kHz)
7.2 KHz
Coil Type
2D (DD)
Coil Model
Coil Size (inch)
Coil Waterproof
Stem, Control Box, Coil
6.35mm Jack
Headphones Connection
6.35mm (1/4 inch) Jack
2 years
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