XP Gold Sluice VS1

XP Gold Sluice VS1.

XP Gold Sluice VS1.

Vortex Slice VS1, equipped with 2 sluicing zones, is ideal for all gold recovery. The upper zone is designed to trap and recover larger gold and nuggets. The second zone is designed like a planes wing to accelerate the water flow allowing the second zone to create a quick and accurate recovery action utilizing a vortex design throughout the sluice box. Forty separate vortexes work independently and together to settle gold in the traps while rapidly pushing gold grabbing waste out of the box. The VS1 sluice is a one piece lightweight precision molded sluice box ready to go. No mats, no screws needed. There is nothing to lose, especially your gold.

VS1 sluice features:

  • large riffles
  • collaborating vortexes
  • flow control system
  • XP backpack hook
  • lock system
  • UV resistant
  • shockproof
  • Blue optimal contrast with gold color
  • Ultra Light: weights 560 grams only
  • Length: 60cm
  • Width: 23cm (measured at the widest point)

Comes with 2 years XP quality warranty

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