British Campaign Medals 1914-2005

British Campaign Medals 1914-2005 by Peter Duckers. Soft back, 48 pages, Illustrated Colour, 15cm X 21cm.

British Campaign Medals 1914-2005 by Peter Duckers. Soft back, 48 pages, Illustrated Colour, 15cm X 21cm.

A great book detailing the British medals given to soldiers and sailors for bravery and gallantry since 1914 and up to 2005. Starting with the two world wars and working up to the Gulf war in Iraq in 2003. The book includes some great colour photography of many of the medals featured.


  • Collecting campaign medals
  • Basic Terms
  • The Africa general service medal 1902-56
  • The India general service medal 1908-35
  • Awards for the First World War 1914-18
  • General service awards
  • Awards for the Second World War 1939-45
  • Medals for the Korean War 1951-3
  • The general service medal 1962
  • The Rhodesia medal 1979-80
  • The south Atlantic medal 1982
  • The Gulf Medal 1990-91
  • The Accumulated Campaign
  • Service Medal 1994 - date
  • The operational Service Medal 1999 - date
  • The Iraq Medal 2003
  • UN & Nato awards
  • Mentions in Dispatches
  • Medal designers
  • Following up.


On the back cover:

This book surveys the medals awarded to British personnel for military service around the world and in two world wars. During the course of the twentieth century the role of Britain's forces changed considerably - from imperial conquest and peace-keeping to full scale participation in two world wars, campaigns for the withdrawal from Empire and service as a prominent member of the United Nations and Nato. The campaign medals awarded for these military actions have become a popular field for collectors, since the majority of British awards were officially named, thus making it possible to research the military career of an individual or regiment. This second edition has been extended to include the operations of British forces in the opening years of the twenty-first century. Peter Duckers is Curator of the Shropshire Regimental Museum in Shrewsbury Castle and has collected British campaign and gallantry medals for many years, now specialising in awards to the Indian army. He has written numerous articles about medals, and is a member of the Orders and Medals Research Society.

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